Red & White Quilts - WOW!

Joanna Rose has never seen them all at the same time - read more in the article here and this is what Martha Stewart had to say about it:

"Two days ago, I went to the most incredible display of quilts that I have ever seen.  My TV crew joined me at the Park Avenue Armory at 643 Park Avenue (between 66th and 67th Street), in New York City to see the American Folk Art Museum’s presentation of “Infinite Variety:  Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts.”  Joanna Rose, a New York quilt collector, has a collection of more than 1,300 quilts but she really wanted to put her entire collection of red and white quilts on public display, all 651 of them and no two alike!  If at all possible, I urge you to see this exhibit, which runs through March 30th.  It’s simply breath taking!  And please tune into my television show on Monday on Hallmark Channel, to see the segment about the quilts that we shot at the Armory."



my love brought me flowers - iphone photo and camera bag app



time to get my cameras out

image by Hilda Grahnat



Fabulous Weekend

playtime with Judy Wise in malibu on saturday and sunday was pure bliss - she is so lovely, kind, generous, and open - i want to be her when i grow up ;)

Judy + me

countdown to creativity

sweet hollie
the fabulous jen

a glorious jumble of art + supplies
seriously can't wait to do it again and also to make journaling a priority in my life - all the little bits + thoughts  + happenings add up to a book of beauty



Nike Ad

You were born a daughter.
You looked up to your mother.
You looked up to your father.
You looked up at everyone.

You wanted to be a princess.
You thought you were a princess.
You wanted to own a horse.
You wanted to be a horse.
You wanted your brother to be a horse.

You wanted to wear pink.
You never wanted to wear pink.

You wanted to be a Veterinarian.
You wanted to be President.
You wanted to be the President's Veterinarian.

You were picked last for the team.
You were the best one on the team.
You refused to be on the team.

You wanted to be good in algebra.
You hid during algebra.
You wanted the boys to notice you.
You were afraid the boys would notice you.

You started to get acne.
You started to get breasts.
You started to get acne that was bigger than your breasts.

You wouldn't wear a bra.
You couldn't wait to wear a bra.
You couldn't fit into a bra.

You didn't like the way you looked.
You didn't like the way your parents looked.
You didn't want to grow up.

You had your first best friend.
You had your first date.
You had your second best friend.

You had your second first date.
You spent hours on the telephone.
You got kissed.
You got to kiss back.

You went to the prom.
You didn't go to the prom.
You went to the prom with the wrong person.

You spent hours on the telephone.

You fell in love.
You fell in love.
You fell in love.

You lost your best friend.
You lost your other best friend.

You really fell in love.

You became a steady girlfriend.
You became a significant other.

Sooner or later, you start taking yourself seriously. You know when you need a break. You know when you need a rest. You know what to get worked up about and what to get rid of. And you know when it's time to take care of yourself, for yourself. To do something that makes you stronger, faster, more complete.
Because you know it's never too late to have a life. And never too late to change one.

i remember this ad from the early 90s and the impact it had - thanks for the reminder Tara


22 Years....

ago a sweet wise baby was born and now he is a sweet wise man

Happy Birthday, Nic!

seriously i'm a lucky mom
this child is everything
to me
and in addition to that
he is
intelligent, kind, responsible, loving, handsome,
funny, intuitive, caring,  shall i go on ;)

i'm one proud mamma
i love him so


you can only win freedom by letting go

letting go of convention & judgement

letting go of perfectionism, ego, shame, expectations

letting go of guilt
letting go
clear your mind
open your heart
let go


ARTful Journey

i loved attending this retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains - it was fabulous to spend 3 days creating and meeting so many lovely people - there is an energy created when so many minds and hearts are working and creating and sharing together - it is addictive.

nina's class was truly relaxing - no pressure at all and i enjoyed working with the gems and crochet and learning her wire wrapping tricks was super cool - her pieces are gorgeous! 


Resin Papers

Full Necklace - Leather Heart, Crochet Strands