Dear Friends & Heart Openings

Dear Friends - Lovely Ladies - Great Times
My past two weeks have been a glorious mess of dear and lovely friends visiting, and really being open to each day and what it brings.  Seeing the girls and being together laughing and talking about our lives past and current - remembering and (sometimes not remembering!) our teen shenanigans and high school survival skills - what a blast going to our 20 year NHHS reunion - seeing the faces and getting caught up on what each of us has been through and is doing now.  As Helen Keller wrote, "my friends have made the story of my life....."  i'm a lucky girl, some of these friends have been a part of my life  since our very first day of kindergarten together!   Do you have friends that fall into that category of lifetime mates?  is it as rare as i think it is? It really is something special to be around a group of friends where each one knows your complete history,  your successes, your failures, your past loves, your story.  the best part about it is that they accept you and love you - despite all those things ;) and that truly is unconditional love.  i am blessed.  Now to only have/make more time to stay in touch, have get-togethers, create a girls weekend in Oregon - let's make it happen and sooner rather than later! XOXOX


Free Saturday

Yippee - it's a free Saturday!  I haven't posted in weeks because I've been so busy.  The best part of the past month was a trip to NY to be creative for ONE WEEK straight.  We go every year to this Fiber Art retreat, held at a SUNY, in the middle of nowhere New York.  And I mean nowhere - Karen and I went to buy a bottle of wine in town and found out the place to buy alcohol was the next town over - 10 miles away!!  Yikes!  Well it was a fabulous time, as always, even if we had to beg wine off our dorm friends ;)  Our class was heavy on design and color theory and I felt like some of it finally sank into my thick brain.  The four of us are using Art Quilt Workbook as our yearly challenge - this time I may actually do the challenge!!  I worked a bit on the exercises this morning and have narrowed my theme choice down to three.  I'm going to spend the rest of the day thinking about a color palette and also gather ideas about the three themes - then make a final decision.