May! It was a fabulous Month! Post 3

Nicholas graduated! I'm so proud of him - he pulled off the dual major too! Hard to believe the four years are gone justlikethat but he is done at RPI and already back in the nest.  He and Erica are working on their Seattle move plans and are heading up for a scouting trip this Tues.  There is much to be hopeful and excited about - like i said - i'm one proud momma!!
walking in

finally finished!

Nic and his ladies

happy family

end of ceremony - windy and humid - but on cloud 9


Nic and Bill


May! It was a fabulous Month! Post 2

May 21 - May 27

My 41st birthday!1 i woke up with my love, in our heavenly bed, in a fabulous hotel, in the craziest, energetic, noisy, steamy, wonderfilled, NYC!! we grabbed some coffee and pastry and headed out for a week full of shopping, walking, eating, people watching, museums, and did i say shopping?!? Tom is so patient - i purchased the Stylists Guide to NYC and was using it to find all the fabulous shopping and eateries during the week! it didn't lead us astray - we hit the chelsea antiques garage, olde good things, chelsea outdoor flea markets - and that was just morning #1!!  ABC Home Store was a highlight - Floor 1 of 6 is just magical - we spent hours touring all of the floors - touching!!

i just wanted to move into this corner of ABC

yes, i am the queen

the young ones arrive in time to help me celebrate

41st BDay Dinner @ Qi in NYC

my love in the white decor
candelabras in glass boxes
clear chairs!!


May! It was a fabulous Month! Post 1

So much good stuff was crammed into May i hope i can remember it all until i'm 102

it was a creative time during the first few weeks - painting, new ideas, and lots of playtime!
a spread in my "big book"
then on the 18th mom and i took a class with Jane LaFazio at CREATE which kindly was held around the corner from my house ;) Jane was a great teacher and is into everything - fabric, paper, paint, free motion quilting, she is the texture and layer queen.  it was a fabulous day of playtime!

next was Tom's birthday and we had a tasty dinner at Taco Asylum where he had a delicious duck & gruyere taco as well as an octopus taco.  i was tame and got the chickpea and mushroom which was very yummy too.  anyway it was a new place we had wanted to checkout and it was G O O D.
- - i'm very much in love with T - -       

our may portrait - i just need some 18" platforms - still crazy about each other 11 years later!