Journal Page

hard to see in these photos due to lighting issues and my photography skills (or lack thereof)  - but i like the soothing colors and the white ghostly journaling....



hmmmm not sure what to make of this


I've rum(!) away to Jamaica.....

Ok - here is my very first attempt at journaling - not deep - but man the 30 minutes was fun and almost like a mini vacation.  I picked up the rum label from Kelly's class and just ran with the theme.  i ripped the papaya stamp off some junk mail.  there is black ink writing - a story of my time in paradise - on both sides but it is hard to see in the photo.  I'll sum it up for you - rum drinks served in coconuts adorned with umbrellas, ocean breezes, skinny dipping, lounging in a hammock... can i just call my clients and say i've run away to paradise?


Kelly Kilmer Rocks

So this lady rocks - she is journal queen AND she has a fun personality - I like her style.   you can check out her blog and see how i really haven't made up her coolness factor - it's the real deal. i'm flying off to work but back home early this afternoon to wait for the repair people and i hope to paint some more pages and do some collage too.


Class today

I had a class today - phew it was great but being creative can really wipe a girl out - i'm off to watch Gabriel Byrne's InTreatment -my latest netflix entertainment - and just chill out. A cool video below that got me thinking...


Artfest piece

made in misty mawn's class - white out .  i have a deep crush on her - not sure how to break the news to tom





is the toughest thing in the world.  especially from 3000 miles away - just want to wrap my arms around and say go on the journey - explore the choices - but then there is the urge to say be wary be strong don't stray onto someone else's path.  pursue what fuels your passion. your motivation your health your future are all on my mind.  to transfer my hard earned wisdom to your noggin and heart *sigh* to shield you from future pain to heal you from current worries we do after all have the same vision: health joy success happiness to see you thrive.  


here I am in class - Nina is next to me - she is a real kick and has a beautiful blog.  my tablemate was a really cool lady - hopefully we will stay in touch.

I'd like to add some more elements to the top but I don't want it to be cluttered.  love the "chop" - my grams had a bunch of hand stamped stationery in her desk. not sure where the original chop is or if she ever owned it.  they had many friends from far places around the world so the stationery may have been a gift.  She looks so glam in this photo - this is when they lived in Beverly Hills.


Artfest Swag

Working on posting some of my artwork but here is a nibble - took this photo after day one of trading - a pile of little art that i got to come home with! i am just now getting to unpacking my three boxes and artwork - hope to get some photos up later in the day. i took one look at my "area" and had to do some clean up before unpacking more stuff. i told myself to embrace the word studio but i still need some soul work i guess to make that part of my vocabulary. it is a rough transition from an arty vacation back to stress, deadlines, new client demands, and officespace drama.


Thinking about.....

unpacking my art supplies
scanning some of my art in
writing in my journal
creating a fabric collage

putting away my winter clothes
getting out my summer wear
strolling by Anthropologie

redecorating the nest
making some pillow covers
ordering new drapes
rearranging some furniture
framing recent photos
hanging up some artwork
planting my veggies

trying out some new recipes
eating ripe cantelope
drinking organic wine
finding gelato for dessert

where to begin? how to fit it all in? i hear the siren call of the couch. it's 5:41 on Friday afternoon. what a tough week at work. dirty martinis? straight vodka shots? apple and peanut butter for dinner? tom is on his way home to the nest. i'll put off the decisions and then REVIVE for weekend festivities!


More Road trip...

Where the Rogue River meets the Ocean - Tu Tu Tun Lodge - which we can highly recommend - we stayed in a cozy romantic room with a wood fireplace and a soaking tub looking out over the river. We watched Osprey nesting and hunting for their dinner and then we ate our tasty fish dinner and shared a bottle of Oregon's Pinot Gris. We soaked in the steaming hot bath (they have lovely HOT spring water) and enjoyed our fire - slept with the sliding doors open - loved every moment!

On the River bank - filling my pockets with heart-shaped rocks.  

my personal lumberjack
the ancient forest floor

Our next destination Highway 1 and Mendocino - turning, twisting, breathtaking forest and then the Ocean!

We took a breather at Stump Beach - no we didn't take a nap in the fort - the beach was too full of goodies - driftwood, rocks, sea glass, shells.  We walked the steep path back to the car about 10 lbs heavier with pockets full and Tom carried a LARGE piece of driftwood that we will keep in our yard.

I want to keep in my mind the glorious northern coastline - so dramatic so green just gorgeous
We arrived in Mendocino and Tom found us a great place to stay - we had an ale with the locals and then a really great dinner at McCollum House - we found a new organic winemaker from Potter Valley - we drank both the Chardonnay and Pinot Gris during the trip - very good and easy on the wallet.  We woke up to rain and grey sky but the drive down Hwy 1 to Stinson was still beautiful.  I love this part of Cali and I'm dreaming of a house by the ocean with windows and shingles and wood and light.....

Stinson was quiet and we took a long beach walk and then ate a tasty salmon dinner with our family and helped Rosie with her last bit of homework and visited and then back to our motel by the sea.   it was a full moon  *sigh* this usually means insomnia and even the tide couldn't lull me back to sleep.  In the morning, Rose went off on the yellow school bus and we drank lots of coffee and ate breakfast with Ruth. 

Saying goodbye to the Coast.......

Onward to Bakersfield and a visit to the Sarad household - Matt was in a state - saying adios to one lady and HELLO to another.  We had drinks and a Basque-like meal, guitars were played and then it was time for sleeeeeep.  Dark yummy Pete's coffee - oh how we missed you - fueled us for our trip and we can't forget darling Dave's tasty peanut butter cookies - Yum!

Epic Road Trip

Leaving Portland - rain and fog over the Columbia River - We loved the food and colors at Pambiche - although we almost lost it all on the cab ride home - We enjoyed our stay at Riverplace - and i loved seeing the exotic ribbons and buttons at the emporium.

Seattle - you were a blur of Pike Place Market, coffee imbibing, tasty Thai food, and a stay here.

+ + + + + + + + + + +  + +

Winterchill Farm, Port Townsend - our home away from home for the next four nights.  Thanks to Keely & Josh for their hospitality.  And for the dog Love!


Next stop, Cannon Beach, Oregon - "the Carmel of the Oregon Coast" (as we were told)

Here is the view from our hotel room:

We started the evening with a walk on the beach and then martinis........wonderful!

Yachats and Cape Perpetua (my favorite part of Oregon) were Gorgeous

We stayed at the Shamrock Lodgettes (!) and this was our view - we had the beach pretty much to ourselves.

Cape Perpetua - a beautiful area in the Siuslaw National Forest - photo one is before the spouting and photo two is right after.  We didn't take too many photos but it was magnificent - the surf explodes onto the volcanic rock and it is breathtaking!

Until tomorrow - we are off to bed - Ahhhh, sleep in the nest....


Port Townsend!

The Fest has begun - i checked in and then we went to meet some of the other "festival virgins" for some champagne and trading - nice bunch of people and of course Tom was a great sport. 

The above is our home away from home for the next four nights - Wolves Den at Winterchill Farm.  Really lovely....

are you wondering what happened to Portland & Seattle - so am i!  it was a wonderful blur!