The undercurrent

Just read Andrea's blog about her gremlins and creeping doubt.  i can relate.  i spend a lot of time procrastinating on my dream list because i'm afraid of starting something i can't finish or succeed at.  these feelings of paralyzation are slowly decreasing but they still keep me down (as in a lump on the couch or surfing the web).  this week i created the first two pages in my visual journal and i committed to better eating.  that was pretty much all i could manage on top of work.  i dream about the day that i can do everything each day - a bit of eating well, exercising, artwork, work work, reading, corresponding, cooking, loving.  i just adore the idea of each day in balance and sometimes i don't understand why it doesn't happen more often?  mindfulness is my word for year 2009.  maybe that is why each day isn't fully balanced - because i just expect it to happen instead of planning for it to happen - bingo!  i'm going to add some affirmations to my journal pages - i think a little positivity will go a long way this coming week.


Thinking about things

Had a good chat with my friend K and it got me thinking tonight about how different we all approach things in our life and our life "happenings".  Life is hard and i realize now how important it is to really see and love the small things - the small moments we share, a loving caress, the checkin' in phone call, the sharing of a photo.  These are what make life sweet.  I'm learning to embrace the bad with the good and the worry with the joy and the stop and the start. Taking a look at my own qualities and i'm willing to work on embracing the work in progress.


Big Tom sez.......howdy

Tom got a consulting gig - still job hunting but working while job hunting is sooooo much better!


So cute so Loved

He is 3 - just ask him and he will show you two fingers and then add one - 3!


52Q tags

How are you feeling today?
What would you do if you could not fail?


Love Friday

Feeling a bit achy today so my love gave me lots of rubs and a really great deep massage.  i'm not sure what is going on with my shoulder/upper back but my arm is nervy and numb.  can you tell by this picture that we are lovebirds?  i'm so very grateful to have this wonderful man share my life - how did i get so lucky?

looking forward to having some more art time this weekend and also planning our upcoming road trip.  need to figure out my trades and or charms for artfest.  what would you do if you could not fail?  that was a prompt for Em's 52Q challenge.  it does make one think....???


Beautiful Day

I loved loved loved the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena - my honey took me there for Valentine's Day and it was magnifique! The weather was cool and sunny and the plants were just stunning. I really enjoyed the japanese garden and seeing all of the gorgeous succulents and trees - I just can't rave enough about the beauty of this place:

isn't this a magical wall?


Valentine's Day Adventure

We thought we'd be rained out but no - another sunny day in SoCal - we are off to the Huntington Gardens and Library and I'm super thrilled - I've never been and as you can see it should be stunning!  I'm taking my new camera and hopefully will get some good shots while practicing using it.  Here are some Valentine's Day pretties from years past: 


Valentine's Day Countdown 3...2....1

One of my favorite holidays - everyone needs a bit of love. I know that the mass marketing of Vday is grim - who wants a stuffed bear that says I love you? But the idea behind it - a day of love and gratitude and more love (and chocolate!) - is a good one. I've always made my own and when Nic was growing up we always exchanged - I've kept a lot of Valentines I've received over the years - some have been cut into for new creative projects but many are taken out each year and loved all over again. Each year I've made Tom a handmade Valentine and they are scattered around the nest - all year round. This year I'm thinking about making some paper fortune cookies with some romantic sentiments. I've saved a take out box decorated with Vday graphics and I think this is the year to use it. I'll post some photos later today.


ATCs.....Project Completed!

So i challenged myself to do my very first batch of ATCs - to send for Bee Shay's artfest swap - I have no idea if these are good bad or ugly but they are going out the door today - phewww!  i'm going to try to take the day off and do some studio cleanup and work on some Valentines for my lovies. thinking about making cookies for Tom's dad in Georgia and buying candy to put in Nic's care package.  talked with him a lot last night - he is depressed and having a hard time getting to classes.  i know how he feels - i've been getting swells of sadness lately too and it is hard for me to embrace the sadness and i've been working on "me stuff" - the kid is only 19 he has no life experience yet to help deal with this kind of loss.  i feel like we had a good chat and i hope he heard and felt me when i said "i will do whatever i can to help and i'm always here when you need to talk" because i meant it from the bottom of my soul.  



So i've been trying to keep up with Emily's 52Q mini art journalling challenge but I'm already two weeks behind - c'est la vie! here is a sample of what i have done so far:

What are you dreaming about in 2009?

Are you afraid of change?

Do you believe in Fairies?


A day off....

and this is what happens: a fabulous mess!  I'm going to upload some artwork later tonight!


Sunday Creative Time

Oh it was a fabulous weekend of art making - no worries, no events to attend, and my honey cooked and cleaned up - what more could a girl ask for?! A few ATCs were made, a little paint, a little fiber, so much FUN!  This is something i finished up - my favorite part is the unraveled silk border on the inner frame.  I may add some more to the sky but right now i'm pronouncing it finished.  i'm thinking of maybe doing artfiberfest next year - anyone been before and want to share their thoughts?