for me the easter holiday marks spring and a time for reflection and renewal - we spent ours in the desert surrounded by nature and sky
intrepid explorer


red ocotillo

delicate petals


Four rooms

An Indian Proverb:

Everyone is a house with four rooms: a physical, a mental, an emotional, and a spiritual. We all tend to live in one room most of the time but unless we go into every room, each and every day, even if only to keep it aired, we are not a complete person.
-Rumer Godden

i know i feel best the days that each of the four gets some attention.  i feel like there has been more balance to my days - a little exercise, a bit of art, some work, and a whole lotta love has me happy and content!



felt love



Playdate w/ Jen!

inspired by Pam Garrison and Thomas Campbell pinwheels we played with paper and fabric and then also did a bit of doodling on linen to embroider and embellish at a later date. Tons of fun - girl talk, creativity talk, lunch talk, coffee talk - so good!



a small project

i made myself a new makeup brush holder using toile fabric i bought in Paris and some vintage red bias tape i picked up today!!  i like this so much better using than a brush bag since i can see everything at once.
the small pockets

the back

filled with brushes + tools

rolled up for easy storage